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Konstantinides Lab

Our goal is to understand how the impressive diversity of neurons that can be found in the animal brain develops during the hours, days, or weeks of embryonic development and how it has evolved over the millions of years of evolution.

We are located at the Institut Jacques Monod in Paris and we are part of a vibrant research community centered around Paris Diderot University (Paris 7).


Latest News

Rebekah awarded doctoral fellowship

Rebekah is awarded a BioSPC doctoral fellowship to pursue her PhD in our lab working on the development and evolution of temporal patterning in the fly visual system. Congratulations Rebekah!

July 7th, 2022|

Lab wins third position in IJM day photo contest

June 30th, 2022|

Lab outing with the Courtier lab

We visited the Musée des arts et métiers and then had pizzas altogether.

June 23rd, 2022|
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