10 September 2021

First lab meeting: things in the lab start to roll! In the meantime, the lab space has started to take shape. Can’t wait for the first experiments!

1 September 2021

Welcome Konstantina! Konstantina Filippopoulou is our first post-doc! She did her PhD at Institut de Biologie du Développement de Marseille in the lab of Vincent Bertrand studying mechanisms that ensure the robustness of neuronal specification.

12 August 2021

New publication: We publish today in Developmental Biology a review introducing and summarizing all single-cell sequencing studies from the Drosophila visual system. We suggest ways to take full advantage of the available datasets. We discuss the state-of-the-art regarding neuronal identity regulation, neuronal circuit development and evolution of neuronal diversity. Link

05 July 2021

New publication: The Fly Cell Atlas paper is out! The FCA consortium sequenced, annotated, and analyzed every single cell from an adult fly. This is the first whole-organism single cell atlas and is available to anyone. Link Data

22 June 2021

New publication: Marques et al describe the very first steps of neuronal maturation in the Drosophila central brain. They show that while ChAT (choline acetyltransferase) is transcribed very early, its translation is delayed and coordinated by the developmental stage of the animal. Link

14 June 2021

New publication: We published today in Biorxiv the complete temporal series of transcription factors in the Drosophila medulla neuroblasts. We identify the genetic interactions between the temporal transcription factors (tTFs) that allow the series to progress. We show how the tTFs regulate neuronal identity transcription factors and describe the very first steps that a neuron takes to differerentiate. Link

3 June 2021

Welcome Nicola! Nicola Grillenzoni is the Research Engineer in our lab. Prior to joining the lab he was a member of the Bassem Hassan lab at the Paris Brain Institute.

3 June 2021

First day of the lab at the Institut Jacques Monod!